Package 1 – GMP 1 (Portable Prep Package)

RO (Rogers-O’Brien Construction) is soliciting subcontract and material supplier bids for the renovation and new construction of the Young Women’s Leadership Academy (YWLA).
The project is located at 2123 W Huisache Ave, San Antonio, TX 78201.

GMP Bid Package #1 consists of all prep work for the installation of 9 Portables (by SAISD), including but not limited to:  Site concrete, miscellaneous steel (railing for wood decks), wood decking, plumbing connections to portables, electrical connections to portables, technology and communication, earthwork excavation and grading, erosion control, fencing, and site utilities.

GMP 1 documents will be competitively bid and subcontracts will be awarded from this round of pricing. Project will be tax exempt.

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